new album – liveable city

“..the collection’s rich sonics belie Liveable City’s home-recorded DIY roots, with dreamy reverbed vocals and intoxicating shoegazey guitars delivering the goods over propulsive rhythmic grooves.”

Under The Radar

‘reliably marvelous’ – Grant Smithies, Nine to Noon, RNZ

‘one of Otautahi’s finest’ – Niva Chittock, Salient 

‘all the fuzzy shoe-gazed warmth and reverb you could want ‘ – thanks sweetsounds

‘habit to break’ #6 on RDU Te Ahi top10 June 20th 2019thanks RDU

‘habit to break’ #14 on Hot NZ Singles Chart

‘liveable city’ is included in Under the Radar’s July Playlist-thanks UTR

liveable city is reviewed on RNZ’s Nine to Noon by Grant Smithies

recent live to air on rdu

few degrees – new paintings

spring mornings

more cold winter mornings on the beach

cold winter mornings

warm autumn mornings on the beach

fish on the beach 251017 – 130519

towards the pier 10(6) 030419 – 090519

towards the pier – 2000 photos

Towards the Pier is an ongoing series of photographs begun in 2011. The majority of the photographs are taken between 8-9am & 2-3pm, looking north towards the pier at New Brighton, Christchurch, New Zealand. The shots are taken quickly on a phone and compiled with minimal processing in the order they have been taken.

summer mornings – towards the pier 040219 – 060319

Maxi memories

 Okuru -getting lighter in the morning, darker at night [film]

Motokutuku – waiting for Weissmuller [film]

marvelous light

more red : new paintings

new video : dig for water

towards the pier 051118 – 201218


making albums and having cancer : Little Rapids, Always Running and HPV

I’ve written a little about some of the things that have happened this year.


The Women of Lyttelton Gaol audio work by sound artist Helen Greenfield

opened in the Rose Garden, Lyttelton at 6pm, Friday 14th December.

It plays every half hour between 9am and 7pm over summer.

It’s so worth checking out.

beach glass 270817 – 131218

two months on – new paintings

bluebirds and sprite – new paintings

little rapids – new album from Blair Parkes and Cardigan Bay – out now

lost direction – new single from Blair Parkes and Cardigan Bay – out now

always running – new album out now

towards the pier #1952 , winter to spring 220818 – 031118

always running soon to be available from the RDU singles club

Blair Parkes audioculture profile is now up

beautiful mornings – towards the pier

big blues – recent large paintings