new single ‘step out’ – out now on bandcamp

‘so far up my alley it’s blocking traffic’Grant Smithies, RNZ 090421

chimneybook  : experimental film

more about chimneybook

brickface all

grey mornings

Too Much is More Than Enough cassette :

3 and 4 track solo recordings from 1994/5

edition of 20, out now on Independent Woman Records

early summer mornings – looking towards the pier

new domes

baubles – new paintings

two blue : towards the pier 11(5) 301020 – 021220

new single / video ‘maybe you heard’ out now on bandcamp

the perfect golden ratio of melody to noise” – Grant Smithies, RNZ 061120


towards the pier 021020 – 291020

thirty birds :  condensations

new bird recordings / free download

mostly blue mornings

worn out – new paintings

when spring comes : towards the pier 130820 – 080920

variant boards two -new paintings

late winter

on the beach 010118 – 040820

cold mornings on the beach 170620 – 160720

winter mornings 200520 – 190620

cut loose – new paintings

always different, always the same

times like this

never go is out now on bandcamp and spotify

“Just awesome from beginning to end.”

        –  Grant Smithies reviewed ‘never go’ on RNZ’s ‘nine to noon’

“ a banger -perfectly distorted guitar- it just sounds so cool.”

       – Finn Johansson, music reviewer, on ‘Karyn Hay Presents’, RNZ

“An exciting, swirling collection .”

       – Graham Reid, Elsewhere

never go #10 on RDU Te Ahi Top Ten – thanks RDU !

wobbly knees #10 on 95bFM top ten – thanks bfm!

wobbly knees #2 Radioscope Alternative Airplay April 26

single ‘wobbly knees’ is out now :

A seven inch single made by RDU for my song ‘stormy seas‘ is included in ‘A Short Run’, a selection of lathe – cut seven inch records at The Dowse, Lower Hutt, until June 7th.

The show was also presented at Objectspace, Auckland last year.

it’s the physics of the affair

later summer mornings

further fence

cold summer – new paintings

painting the fence

almost summer mornings -towards the pier tp10(12)311019 – 291119

Auckland Two : Ruru – I recently performed a dozen songs with my friend  Andrew Moore, high in the Waitakeres at Ruru, Auckland’s highest venue.

Auckland One : ‘A short run’ A selection of New Zealand lathe-cut records at Auckland’s Objectspace’ -my song, ‘stormy seas’ is included

blackbird bluebird – new paintings

mid spring mornings

few degrees – new paintings

spring mornings

more cold winter mornings on the beach

cold winter mornings

warm autumn mornings on the beach

liveable city

fish on the beach 251017 – 130519

towards the pier 10(6) 030419 – 090519

towards the pier – 2000 photos

Towards the Pier is an ongoing series of photographs begun in 2011. The majority of the photographs are taken between 8-9am & 2-3pm, looking north towards the pier at New Brighton, Christchurch, New Zealand. The shots are taken quickly on a phone and compiled with minimal processing in the order they have been taken.

summer mornings – towards the pier 040219 – 060319

Maxi memories

 Okuru -getting lighter in the morning, darker at night [film]

Motokutuku – waiting for Weissmuller [film]

marvelous light

more red : new paintings

new video : dig for water

towards the pier 051118 – 201218

making albums and having cancer : Little Rapids, Always Running and HPV

I’ve written a little about some of the things that have happened this year.

The Women of Lyttelton Gaol audio work by sound artist Helen Greenfield

opened in the Rose Garden, Lyttelton at 6pm, Friday 14th December.

It plays every half hour between 9am and 7pm over summer.

It’s so worth checking out.

beach glass 270817 – 131218

two months on – new paintings

bluebirds and sprite – new paintings

little rapids – new album from Blair Parkes and Cardigan Bay – out now

lost direction – new single from Blair Parkes and Cardigan Bay – out now

always running – new album out now

towards the pier #1952 , winter to spring 220818 – 031118

always running soon to be available from the RDU singles club

Blair Parkes audioculture profile is now up

beautiful mornings – towards the pier

big blues – recent large paintings