the end by Blair Parkes : 2000 solo album is now available digitally

Originally released by Wrong Records in 2000,  ‘The End’ is now available digitally via bandcamp. ‘The End’ was recorded on a Tascam 424 II cassette recorder in our lounge at Carlton Mill Road and later in New Brighton in 1999.

Recording ‘band style’ [drums, bass, guitars, vocals ] solo using a cassette four track involves squashing a lot of sound onto a small piece of tape. Repeatedly. Practically, this usually meant playing and singing at the same time onto a single track, balancing levels by singing closer or further away from a microphone. It was always pretty hit or miss. The technical quality of the recordings were however secondary to the quality of performance, in terms of what I kept and what I wiped. Over several months Damian and I narrowed the songs down to a shortlist of useable recordings.

I sent the four track tapes up to Wellington where Damian transferred them to his computer and began mixing. It was great having Damian involved. He was organised, hard working and made things sound better. Over time we constructed an album.

Wrong Records was originally released ‘The End’ in 2000.

the end cover image


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