time based environmental recordings, condensed .

Okuru -getting lighter in the morning, darker at night

Motokutuku – waiting for Weissmuller

Little Beach, bleakly

Little beach, West Coast, New Zealand
2:32- 2:42; 3:04 -3:14, 220418


Two single microphone recordings of New Brighton’s first rain in 48 days.

Five Minutes at gentle annie : 9.30Am, 141017

five minutes went quickly : Back beach, 7pm, 170117

flies rain thunder cats

three new single microphone recordings for free download

flies, rain, thunder, cats

the pink line disappears : Sunset, Punakaiki

five minutes condensed. 17:50 – 17:55; 220416

gentle sunset, Gentle Annie

her 18249th sunset, 201215, condensed


five recordings of The Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean, condensed.

condensations jellyfish seas

free download

accompanying visuals


36 seconds of sunset

150515, five times slower




sunset west, 150515

fifteen minutes near Punakaiki, condensed fivefold.





ten minutes looking towards Open Bay Islands

2’00” visual / audio condensation ; 1:50 – 2: 00 pm, 120115, Okuru.




15 seconds looking west, 150115

15″ visual / audio condensation ; 1’27” midday, Punakaiki area, 150115.






 20 + 14

34″ visual / audio condensation ; 1’40” looking north on the last afternoon





eleven minutes in thirty seconds

Fireworks, New Brighton. 051114




condensations : birds v sm

I feel lucky to be part of Transnational Express at The Auricle

 Showing: 12-5pm, 3-26 July, 2014

Opening: 3 July, 6-8pm

Featured Artists:
Peter Barnard (London, UK) – Transnational Rhythms
Jeremy Blank (Perth, Aus) – Message to the Oracle
Gust Burns (Seattle, US) – Review Studies (II)
Alan Dunn (Leeds, UK) – Artists’ uses of the word revolution
Blair Parkes (Christchurch, NZ) – Condensations
Nichola Scrutton (Glasgow, Scotland) – HearAfter
Our globally networked communities comprise a world of constant change and a multiplicity of voices brought together by a planetary technological ordering that transgresses national borders, ethnicities, language and cultural difference. In the first of the Auricle Listening Lounge series we bring you an aural showcase of sonic artists from around our networked world.


* the end of the longest night  two minute visual condensation, dawn, New Brighton. 6.58 am -7.28 am 220614

* new collection of bird recordings   available on a pay as you like basis on bandcamp condensations : birds  Six pieces draw from three single microphone recordings:

* A bellbird at dusk in Gore Bay, 30” recording, 7pm 30-09-13

* Water birds on the Estuary at dawn, one hour recording, Kibblewhite Street, South Brighton, 5-6am, 22 -09-13.

* Backyard at dawn, one hour recording, Oram Ave, New Brighton, 5-6am,  31-12-13.

Each recording has been sliced, compiled and played concurrently into pieces of four minutes and thirty seconds duration with minimal editing, technical intervention or processing.

* looking south, looking north

two two minute  visual condensations.

looking south for ten minutes

looking south

looking north for ten minutes

109 white blue

109 is a mix of two recordings made in the backyard approximately a year apart, in the early evenings of the 14th of February 2011, and the 25th of February 2012. Part of the Borderline Listening post, temporary sound installation, Civic Square, Lyttlelton. June – August 2013.


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