Discography [by project]

All Fall Down

My Brand new Wallpaper Coat, 12 “ ep, flying nun 1987

Blair Parkes solo

Black light, cassette album, blacklight,1988

The end, cd album. wrong records 2000

East coast, cd ep, wrong records 2001

Cardigan Bay, digital album, seaside 2016

Stormy Seas 7 ” single, RDU 2016

Saturations, digital album, seaside 2017

Always Running, digital album, seaside 2018

Always Running 7″ single, RDU 2018 [pending]

Blair Parkes and Cardigan Bay

little rapids, digital album, seaside 2018

Bridle path

The monteiths sessions, cd ep / download, seaside / public address 2009


Birds, digital ep, seaside 2014

Seas, digital ep, seaside 2015

Flies rain thunder cats, digital ep, seaside 2016

inside outside, digital single, seaside 2017


Grunty falcon, cassette ep, ahM 1994

Step ahead, cassette ep, ahM 1995

The sea, cassette ep, ahM 1995

The L.E.D.s

We are the l.e.d.s, cd album, seaside 2006

Still, cd album, seaside 2008

Glass comforts / goodbye to the light, double cd album / ep, seaside 2010

Dunes, digital album, seaside 2012

The Letter 5

Now you are here, 12” ep, flying nun 1992

Little dead things

Cassette ep, failsafe records 1990


Cold and slow cassette ep, ahM 1994

Colder, Slower cassette album, ahM 1994

ahM, cassette album, ahM 1995

Nightshift album, cassette album ahM 1996

All the way to lunch, cd album, wrong records 1999

Henry Rivers vinyl / digital album, seaside  2014

Shed Range, digital ep, seaside 2015


Saturations digital ep, seaside 2011

Runaway, digital album, seaside 2012

Black Circles, digital ep, seaside 2013

Inside, digital ep, seaside 2014

Schips, digital ep, seaside 2015

Swim everything

Orange cassette ep, swim 1988

Green album, cassette album, swim 1990

Last hexit, Geraldine 7 inch, ahM 1993

thomas : parkes

big machine, cd album, South Recordings 2005


coaster, cd album, seaside 2003

Composition for advertising, film etc.

The Tui documentary 2009

Natcol TV ad. 2009

Topliss Tours website 2010

CPIT cinema ad. 2010

Charles Luney-Master Builder -Documentary, 2014

TV usage

Music by The L.E..D.s appears in

Outrageous Fortune, series four and five, 2008-2009

Go Girls, series 1-4, 2009-2012

The Gravy, TV series 2007-2008

Composition for theatre, exhibitions and events collaborations:

Heironymous Goes Straight multimedia performance, Christchurch, 1991

Sunlight [Musical] Whakarite Theatre company, Christchurch,1992

Stations of the cross- Cathedral Square, Christchurch, 1994

Music for Gatherings – the Great Blend, Wellington, 2011

‘109’ sound piece –CSSA Borderline Listening Post, Civic Square, Lyttelton, 2013

‘Birds- Condensations’  included inTransnational Express at The Auricle

3-26 July, 2014




Chimney Book, 15 minute audio visual work 2011




50 things [you might use when songwriting and recording] seaside 2009

100 things [you might use when songwriting and recording] seaside 2009

things were getting better / things were getting worse, seaside 2015

music downloads






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