ball point pen

12 boats

12 boats


wheels 2blue wheelwood wheel

loading, loaded, unloading

loading, loaded, unloading

coloured pencils:

new toys

having fun is really important right now

things were getting better /things were getting worse [july 2013]

butterlfy boy

worms insect c

rat worms c

rats cats c

cats dogs

dog boy cat

boy cat meat glow

cat phone yellow


booooy phone cats c2

xtrmntr arrivwes

rat phone

xtrmntr trouble

xtrmntr xtrmntd

dogtablephone rat cat


rat on qaud c

m and b c

recordign loop c

sound equipment aman amp hayden amp

for jonathan

rat on amp

skate cats

phil’s amp [july 2013]


fostex [july 2013]

fostex c3

drums [july 2013]


bus detail [july 2013]

bus detail

m and b [july 2013]

m and b

june 2003, visual diary page, 2003.

june 2003 visual diary

band gear, carpet 2002

band gear, carpet

bobson amp and guitar, 2002

bobson guitar and amp

fish drawing, 2002

coloured fish drawing

toledo, tent 1994

toledo and tent

alien picture story [2000] [30cm x 20cm, coloured pencil and felt pen on paper]

alien one

alien two

alien three

alien four

alien five

alien six_2

black and white drawings:

fish drawing  [2002] felt pen on paper

fish drawing

fish drawing [2002] felt pen on paper

fishe drawing b and w

curious nightmare poster [1990] [a3 blue and black photocopy]

curious nightmare poster

cartoon [1990] [card, blue and red photocopy ]

pippi cartoon


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