chimney book

In late May 2011 I was asked by my friend Russell to submit some earthquake related ideas for The Orcon Great Blend, a Public Address event to be held in Auckland in early August.

People had asked how things were for our family.

The emotional landscape was shifting as much as the physical.

I could never answer.

I had to try.

Chimney Book is a time specific response.

Some of how it felt in my head, in New Brighton,

mid June 2011, after nine months of earthquakes.

Some memories set.

Markers while everything shifts

Chimneybook consists of several elements:

Chimney Book One : Brickface – hand painted alphabet on 38 brick fragments. Upper and lower case letters, numerals and some punctuation. Photographed and digitally composed into single words and phrases reflecting on nine months of earthquakes in New Brighton, mid June, 2011.

brickface all

Chimney Book Two: Chimney Book one extended textually. Some of the stories behind Brickface phrases. 52 pages / slides. Intended for projection and print; as single pages / slides or combined as a book / slideshow.

Chimney Book Three :  A seven minute audio visual work blending Brickface, film, song, narration and field recordings.

Chimney Book Four :  A fourteen and a half minute audio visual work. Produced for and screened at Public Address event, The Orcon Great Blend, Auckland Town Hall, August 4th, 2011. An extension and combination of Chimney Book Two and Three.

Quicktime  DV Movie. chimneybook four.dv  2.93 GB

Cactus lab created an app. to enable Public Address readers to compose messages online using Brickface prior to The Orcon Great Blend, in late July, 2011. See publicaddress.net/hardnews/friday-fun-with-brickface/

greatblend brickface

Public Address reader’s Brickface compositions were projected at The Great Blend, Auckland Town Hall, August 4th, 2011.

Chimneybook was mentioned in the Auckland Herald February 20th, 2015.



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